Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 2

Left home to start my adventure! mom is o proud of me, she says I'm just like my dad. Treecko and I went straight through Oldale and onto Route 104. We ran into some Zigzagoons, but we beat 'em! Ha! We saw some Wurmple and Poochyena and beat them too! I caught a Poochyena and a Seedot. Well, I don't need another Grass-type around so I put it in the Pokemon PC Storage, the lady at the Pokemon Center told me about it before. I'm gonna keep Poochyena around, though.This little boy came up to me and said I had to battle with him. Alright. Treecko totally kicked his Poochyena's butt! Ha! There are a lot of trainers here. I caught a Ralts! We battled this girl trainer, but she wasn't very good. Too many Zigzagoons-why are there so many? We finally made it to the Petalburg City, this is where Dad's gym is! Went to the PokeMart and stocked up on PokeBalls and some Potions. I talked to some of the people around the city and they all seem to be big fans of the PC system. This one family was talking about Dad, but they didn't recognize me... Some weird guy in an overcoat and hat was standing buy the water, avoided him! This woman was looking for some boy, Wally, all over the city. I started to head towards the gym and some guy led me to it going on and on about my Dad, still not knowing who I was. Not a whole lot of smart people here in Petalburg. I went into Dad's gym and he was in the first room. He was pretty surprised to see me with a Pokemon but he was proud. Then some kid walked in asking for a Pokemon. Doesn't he understand that it's not that easy? Dad gave him a ...Zigzagoon and a PokeBall. WHAT? Lame! I had to WORK for my Pokemon! I saved somebody with mine! Then I had to go with him and show him how to catch a Pokemon. I'm not liking this adventure so much anymore. So we go out into the grass and what does he run into? A Ralts! Super rare, Ralts. And he catches it really quick-like he's been doing this for years. Psht! Then we get back to the gym and he takes off. Gee! YOU'RE WELCOME! Hell-ooooo? After Wally left, Dad told me that I should head out to Rustboro. The first Pokemon Hoenn League gym leader is there, Roxanne. Wait, "first"? As in, there's a whole bunch? And its a girl? Hoo-ray. I'm thrilled -.- Well, that's what it takes to become a strong Pokemon Trainer, right? So, I'll do it! I left the gym and walked around Petalburg a little more and this creepy dude in some shades came up to me and asked if I was a trainer. He called me a rookie! Who does he think he is? I have three Pokemon! THREE! It got dark sooner than I thought it would so I just stayed at Dad's for the night. I'm gonna head out for Rustboro and Roxanne tomorrow. 
Okay, so Tristan's got himself a growing team.
Here it is:


So Far...




Professor Birch






Sunday, August 8, 2010


I've just started this and I'm already behind D: I'll have Day 2 up as soon as I can!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 1

Mom and I moved into the town of Littleroot today. Mom had some Pokemon Movers help us take everything to the new house. Dad was on TV, for something about the gym, but I was setting my new clock so I missed it. Mom made me go next door and introduce myself because apparently there's another kid my age here. Mrs. Birch and her two kids live next door, she's wife to some local professor or something. I guess he doesn't spend a lot of time at home. Mrs. Birch said she has a daughter my age. A GIRL! Aw man! I thought it was gonna be a guy! That would have been way cooler! Mrs. Birch told me to go upstairs and meet her daughter. I walked up the stairs and it made me wonder where Mrs. Birch and her son sleep, because the only room upstairs is the girl's room. It was kinda weird to be in a girl's room, but she has a map of Hoenn like I do and a PC like I do and she has a GameCube just like I do! This girl doesn't sound too bad...She left some kind of ball on the floor, I went to check it out but when I did she came bursting in and was asking me who I was and what I was doing and it scared me! Well, kinda. I mean, I've never met a girl that talks like that. I told her that I just moved in next door because of my dad- the Petalburg City Gym Leader. She said she heard about me from her dad, the “Pokemon Professor” or something... She's got a dad into Pokemon stuff too! She must know what its like growing up around Pokemon then too! Wow! Her name is May- like the month. And she's got short, brown hair and she wears a green bandana like I do, but she covers the whole top of her head with it. After she told me who she was, she said something about Pokemon with her dad and asked me to leave. I left but I didn't want to go home, so I walked around. Not a whole lot to Littleroot. There are some people that just kind of walk around and some houses and a big building in the south end. I kept walking around and there was a little girl and she said that she wanted to know what it was like outside of Littleroot, but she was too scared to find out for herself. What was I gonna do? Ignore the opportunity to be the good guy and not get out of Littleroot? So I walked out onto the route, then I heard somebody yelling for help so I ran out farther into the route and saw a man being chased by a Pokemon! He told me that there were Pokemon in his bag and to pick one and fight the brown, striped one that was chasing him around through the trees. I looked in the bag and there were three balls like the one in May's room. They all had labels: Wood Gecko Pokemon-Treecko, Mud Fish Pokemon-Mudkip, Chick Pokemon-Torchic; grass, water, fire. I wasn't gonna pick a “chick” Pokemon! No way! So, it was between the Wood Gecko or the Mud Fish. So, I picked the Treecko. A small, green girl Pokemon came out of the ball and looked at me. A girl? Lame! I had to help the man so I pointed at the brown Pokemon and kinda made a whiny noise. She just looked at me. I yelled at her, “Get it! That man needs help!” She ran up to the brown Pokemon and attacked it. She beat it up so fast! It was so cool! Treecko is really strong for her size, and fast! After beating the brown Pokemon (the man called it “Zigzagoon”) he came up to me, took Treecko back and thanked me. He said that he was the “Pokemon Professor” Prof. Birch. He asked me to come by his lab in Littleroot. I got there as fast as I could. I wanted to see Treecko again. I thought that maybe May would be there too, I wouldn't mind seeing her again. When I got there he thanked me again for saving him and said I did a really good job working with Treecko. Okay. He used a lot of big words... Then he said I could keep Treecko! I was so excited! He told me to go check on May, she was up on Route 103, past Oldale Town. So, I went off as fast as I could. I saw the little girl again and she called me brave for saving the Professor. I walked onto Route 102 and all the sounds from Littleroot were cut off, all I could hear was the sound of the trees and some rustling in the tall grass. Normally, I guess I would have been too afraid, but I had Treecko now. I charged into grass and a wild bug Pokemon jumped out at me and I threw Treecko's ball and she beat it. This happened a lot. Then, I walked into Oldale, it was just a little town but it was more then Littleroot. It had a Pokemon Center, a few houses, and a building that looked like a smaller Pokemon Center with a blue roof. I walked up to it and this woman in an apron approached me. She took me to the front of the building and explained that it was a PokeMart where they sell all kinds of Pokemon items, like medicine and Pokeballs-to catch Pokemon. Then she thanked me for taking the time to listen to her and gave me a Potion, an item that heals weakened Pokemon. There wasn't much else to Littleroot so I went on to Route 103 and ran into more bug Pokemon (apparently, they're called Wurmple) and Treecko beat 'em all! We even saw this gray puppy Pokemon, called Poochyena. Treecko beat them all down, and she's getting really strong! Then we found May and started talking to her (well, I did-Treecko isn't so big on the talking) and she noticed Treecko and said that we should battle to see how good of a trainer I am. So she sent out that chick Pokemon, Torchic. Its a fire-type and it could totally burn up my little grass-type Treecko, but Treecko just knocked May's Torchic out! She was surprised how close Treecko and I were so soon and said to meet me in her dad's lab. I guess all kinds of important stuff has to happen there. So, I followed her to the Prof. Birch's lab and he praised my bond with Treecko and said that he saw lots of potential in me and wanted me to do him a favor. I'd do anything! This guy gave me Treecko-my own Pokemon! He gave me this thing called a Pokedex. It collects data on every Pokemon I'll see or catch. He asked me to take it and make it my quest to fill it up. I agreed to it. May was so excited, she had a Pokedex too! She gave me some Pokeballs so I could catch more Pokemon! I'm gonna put them to good use! Prof. Birch thanked me again (he does that a lot) and I went off to tell Mom about all of this new stuff! She was so thrilled and she thinks Treecko is “cute” but I corrected her! I said that Treecko is strong and tough, this satisfied Treecko. Mom had a box on the table for me. She opened it and took out a pair of shoes. Running shoes! “For every Pokemon Trainer!” AWESOME! After that Mom said that I should get some sleep before going on my “big Pokemon adventure”, so I went up to my room with Treecko and she hopped up on my desk and went to sleep. I put all my new stuff on my chair and crawled into my bed. I realized it would be the only time I would sleep in it. It would be the only time I would sleep in this house. I realized that I was leaving it all behind, including Mom. But I was gonna be traveling all over, with Treecko! I'm gonna miss Mom, but I'll make sure to visit. She'd like that. I'm starting a whole new life. Maybe Hoenn isn't so bad.


Tristan is a young boy who just moved from the Kanto region to the Hoenn region with his mother.
His father is the Petalburg City Gym Leader.
All his life he was surrounded by his father's normal-type Pokemon.
This new home just might give Tristan the boost he needs to take the plunge into the world of Pokemon.