Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 2

Left home to start my adventure! mom is o proud of me, she says I'm just like my dad. Treecko and I went straight through Oldale and onto Route 104. We ran into some Zigzagoons, but we beat 'em! Ha! We saw some Wurmple and Poochyena and beat them too! I caught a Poochyena and a Seedot. Well, I don't need another Grass-type around so I put it in the Pokemon PC Storage, the lady at the Pokemon Center told me about it before. I'm gonna keep Poochyena around, though.This little boy came up to me and said I had to battle with him. Alright. Treecko totally kicked his Poochyena's butt! Ha! There are a lot of trainers here. I caught a Ralts! We battled this girl trainer, but she wasn't very good. Too many Zigzagoons-why are there so many? We finally made it to the Petalburg City, this is where Dad's gym is! Went to the PokeMart and stocked up on PokeBalls and some Potions. I talked to some of the people around the city and they all seem to be big fans of the PC system. This one family was talking about Dad, but they didn't recognize me... Some weird guy in an overcoat and hat was standing buy the water, avoided him! This woman was looking for some boy, Wally, all over the city. I started to head towards the gym and some guy led me to it going on and on about my Dad, still not knowing who I was. Not a whole lot of smart people here in Petalburg. I went into Dad's gym and he was in the first room. He was pretty surprised to see me with a Pokemon but he was proud. Then some kid walked in asking for a Pokemon. Doesn't he understand that it's not that easy? Dad gave him a ...Zigzagoon and a PokeBall. WHAT? Lame! I had to WORK for my Pokemon! I saved somebody with mine! Then I had to go with him and show him how to catch a Pokemon. I'm not liking this adventure so much anymore. So we go out into the grass and what does he run into? A Ralts! Super rare, Ralts. And he catches it really quick-like he's been doing this for years. Psht! Then we get back to the gym and he takes off. Gee! YOU'RE WELCOME! Hell-ooooo? After Wally left, Dad told me that I should head out to Rustboro. The first Pokemon Hoenn League gym leader is there, Roxanne. Wait, "first"? As in, there's a whole bunch? And its a girl? Hoo-ray. I'm thrilled -.- Well, that's what it takes to become a strong Pokemon Trainer, right? So, I'll do it! I left the gym and walked around Petalburg a little more and this creepy dude in some shades came up to me and asked if I was a trainer. He called me a rookie! Who does he think he is? I have three Pokemon! THREE! It got dark sooner than I thought it would so I just stayed at Dad's for the night. I'm gonna head out for Rustboro and Roxanne tomorrow. 
Okay, so Tristan's got himself a growing team.
Here it is:


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